Terms and conditions of use


1. We work on a prepayment. Parcels depart from Thailand. Unfortunately, the imposed payments between Thailand and Russia are technically impossible.

2. Compositions of Thai cosmetics are rich in plant components. If you are allergic to herbal components, ask our consultant for the presence of allergens in the positions of interest to avoid unpleasant situations.

3. Automatic calculation of the cost of shipping is carried out for all regions of the Russian Federation and for Kazakhstan (for this country prices are higher). For delivery to other countries we will clarify the mailing rates for you to your location.

4. Your order is sent within 2 working days from the date of payment. Usually parcels reach 2-3 weeks, but sometimes there are delays. For the work of postal services online store does not bear responsibility, but in case of delay of the parcel, we will help to write an application for the search for the item.

We guarantee:

1. Your order will be sent within 2 working days from the date of payment. In case of delay, you will be notified in writing.

2. All items will be packed as reliably as possible to prevent damage during shipment.

3. Payment of the cost of shipment corresponds to the tariffs of the Post of Thailand - we do not charge a shipping commission and try to track the baht exchange rate to the ruble.

4. No hidden fees. You only have to pay the amount indicated on our website, plus% for the transaction or transfer - which is different for all banks and cities. When you receive the parcel you do not need to pay anything extra!

5. Your order will come in accordance with the items you ordered.

6. You will receive a full and detailed consultation on the products of our online store on request.

7. In the event of the loss of your parcel by the postal services, we will help you draw up an application for search and do everything we can. If the search measures within a month do not bear fruit, we will send your order again at your own expense. Fortunately, for more than 3 years of work only 1 parcel was lost, which after 5 months of wanderings returned to us.

8. We try our best to improve the quality of service - this is our top priority.

9. In case of damage in transit, we are ready to reimburse the losses at our own expense. If, upon receipt at the mail, the parcel has traces of external damage, open the parcel in the presence of post office workers and draw up an act of damage, photographing the parcel and damaged when forwarding the item. Photo of damages and a copy of the compiled statement send to our email address swan@thai-shop.online.

10. If there is an act and photos, we will send you the same goods again or replace them by agreement with similar and less fragile ones. If the parcel does not show any visible damage and when you open it outside of the post office, you find that the goods are damaged, which caused more than 30% of the content or the product has become unusable - take pictures of these damages and send the photo to our email address swan @ thai-shop. online.